Learn animals for kids, birds, fish and insects

Learn animals for kids, birds, fish and insects

By Mama papa

Learn animals for kids, birds, fish and insectsLearn animals for kids, birds, fish and insectsLearn animals for kids, birds, fish and insectsLearn animals for kids, birds, fish and insectsLearn animals for kids, birds, fish and insects

Animals for babies and children - made for my daughter! The recreation is completely free! Beautiful photos of animals and great sounds. Includes 3 sections: domestic animals, African animals, forest animals, birds, bugs and fish. There are three video games: educate animals, discover a card and discover a pair.

Cards for kids - it is easy and fast to show a child to talk, and then to read. The youngster is shown photos of animals and he remembers them in a brief time. Approved by youngster psychologists around the globe, as it's the improvement of reminiscence, logical considering, consideration and most importantly studying. The earlier the child starts to check, the smarter he might be of his peers!

Animal sounds are colorful pictures, high-quality animal sounds and your child will converse in a short time. Words to recollect will quickly train the kid to speak! And he will shortly study animals for youngsters.

Doman's cards - invented by the American physician doctor Glen Doman, he worked with a bunch of new child kids, started to show words with photos and pronounce them every day for half an hour. The results had been impressive, the kids from the group realized to read their peers faster, to rely, they had been smarter!

The first words for youths are very important, because due to them the kid will speak faster and be taught in regards to the world. The extra phrases a child is conscious of, the faster he'll learn the world.

In young children, the vocabulary is type of small, especially in toddlers. Therefore, cards for kids will develop the kid's brain much faster, maybe you'll develop a genius. The mistake is that many parents imagine that the child learns when he goes to high school, you should begin educating the child from the year.

Tips for instructing the infant:

lessons should be short, you want to start with 5 minutes (the most essential thing is to apply frequently every day!)

you have to do it when the infant is in an excellent mood

replenish words each day

rejoice on the success of the kid, reward him (mom kiss, approval)


Completely free app

No ads

Learning (all phrases voiced by a professional speaker)

Checking the kid (after coaching, you possibly can verify the child in a enjoyable way)

Diary (keep statistics, watch how the child develops)

We also have a recreation of fruits and vegetables, berries, flowers, nuts and bushes, that is, nature for youths. Be positive to download it too!

Thank you for downloading our app. If you want our animal sounds game, depart a evaluation, as a outcome of it's completely free. Starting cost might be suggestions. Thank you.

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