Speed Distance Time Calculator

Speed Distance Time Calculator

By Danny Connell

Speed Distance Time CalculatorSpeed Distance Time CalculatorSpeed Distance Time CalculatorSpeed Distance Time CalculatorSpeed Distance Time Calculator

Calculate both pace, distance or time by coming into the opposite two measurements.

► EASY TO USE - Tap the identify of the measurement you want to calculate (Speed, Distance or Time), then enter your values by tapping the empty fields. Your result's updated everytime you make a change.

► SPEED UNITS GALORE - Many pace models are supported and you may shortly switch between them: mph, km/h, min/mile, min/km, m/s, cm/s, m/min, feet/m, feet/s, inch/min, inch/s, furlongs/minute, leagues per day, knots and mach!

► DISTANCE UNITS GALORE - Likewise, many distance units are supported: miles, km, meters, cm, mm, feet, inches, yards, furlongs, nautical miles and leagues!

► STOPWATCH - Easily record your time values instantly into the app utilizing this extremely accurate stopwatch.

How long will it take me to get there?

What was my average velocity on that journey?

How far can I journey in an hour?

Find out quickly and easily with this app.

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