Polish-German phrasebook

Polish-German phrasebook

By Tweeba

Polish-German phrasebookPolish-German phrasebookPolish-German phrasebookPolish-German phrasebookPolish-German phrasebook

Learning German by cellphone and practical Polish-German phrasebook for smartphone and tablet from http://www.mojerozmowki.pl

German phrasebooks include helpful dialogues, phrases, phrases , expressions and words utilized in on a regular basis life in German. German phrasebooks are grouped by subject - choose any class or use the search engine and discover the sentence or phrase you want quickly. The app for a mobile device displays German and Polish that means. You can use the phrasebook as a German dictionary, a textbook for studying German or just a useful program to make use of on a business trip or on trip.

German phrasebooks contain subjects corresponding to:

- basic German phrases and phrases

- greetings, small discuss, chatting with associates, household

- work and profession, professions, job search and recruitment interview

- German language package (numbers, time, international locations, questions in regards to the time ...)

- German questions about the means in which, transport

- questions about individuals, objects, occasions and tourist points of interest in German

- restaurant, bar: ordering meals, drinks, desserts

- reservations and transport: lodging, motels, flights, ferry

- holidays and journey , sightseeing, public transport

- free time, leisure

- sport

- cash, buying, providers

- physician, clinic , illnesses

... and many more! We are constantly adding new subjects and ready for your suggestions!

The Polish-German phrasebooks don't require an Internet connection when downloaded and used abroad, so that you do not have to pay any roaming expenses overseas. The app takes up little area in your smartphone or tablet, so download our program to German and use it when you need to. You will see that it will are obtainable in handy!

If you have recommendations for topics that would enrich the German phrasebook, please send us an e-mail. You also can recommend phrases and words to add. Let's develop this cellular app together! We create apps to help us talk abroad, journey all over the world more easily and work more efficiently.

We additionally suggest our mobile German language course on the phone called Learn German https: // play. google.com/store/apps/details?id=pl.tweeba.mobile.learning.german

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