Concise Catechism

Concise Catechism

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Concise CatechismConcise CatechismConcise CatechismConcise CatechismConcise Catechism


In our era when every little thing is measured by matter, it is a incontrovertible fact that our offspring are in non secular voids.

Taking this necessary concern into account, our firm has prepared the Concise Catechism.

With this little work in front of you, you'll feel that your accountability, albeit partially, has been alleviated by giving your kids the information of the catechism that every Muslim must know.

We proudly present it.


Praise be to Allah, Who created humanity and all the worlds with great knowledge and function. Peace and blessings be upon him, wa sallam, his family, companions and all those who comply with him.

Catechism is the science that informs Muslims concerning the issues that Muslims have to find out about belief and worship.

The Prophet stated: Acquiring data is obligatory on each Muslim man and woman. The knowledge that the master of the universe has declared to be compulsory for Muslims with these blessed phrases is undoubtedly the catechism, which is ready to help them achieve happiness in this world and within the hereafter. That is why it is obligatory for each Muslim man and lady to be taught the problems which may be essential for him when it comes to belief and worship. A individual cannot be a whole and excellent Muslim except he learns and believes in these necessary points known as Zarûrat-i Diniyye.

There are many small and huge Catechism books written on this subject. However, we've found it acceptable to arrange this Catechism so as to help a Muslim baby easily remember and keep in mind the essential issues.


Important Reminder

Dear reader ,

Some surahs, verses, and prayers are included in the work in your hand, and their readings in Latin letters are additionally included. This is to assist those that do not know the Islamic letters memorize them. Otherwise, it's not potential to memorize accurately with Latin letters. Those who memorize these letters should be taught the correct pronunciation from a teacher.

When the suras are read in Turkish, it's essential to concentrate to the next signs:

aa: the letter a might be read by pulling it thinly,

aa: the letter a will be daring and read by pulling,

üü: will be learn by pulling ü.

ii: might be read by pulling i,

Underlined h shall be read with a growl in the throat will be eliminated,

The underlined s and z letters will be learn limp.

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