Masnoon Janaza

Masnoon Janaza

By Taqwa Apps

Masnoon JanazaMasnoon JanazaMasnoon JanazaMasnoon JanazaMasnoon Janaza

At the time of death, in some matters, everybody seeks steerage and assist. In this regard, a mobile utility Masnoon Janaza has been developed to offer schooling, consciousness and assist. Rulings and problems with illness, demise, funeral prayer, shroud, burial, graveyard and condolence.

Not solely sound training however his alertness and dedication too are most required. In addition, the app also offers ambulance, funeral bus, free shroud, bathtub for the deceased, chilly storage and cemetery places and contact numbers in numerous areas. There can additionally be a QA category in your convenience and steering, where you can get answers to your questions on funerals from students.

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