Life After Pornography Coach

Life After Pornography Coach

By Get Your Marriage On!

Life After Pornography CoachLife After Pornography CoachLife After Pornography CoachLife After Pornography CoachLife After Pornography Coach

Welcome to the Life After Pornography Coach App! My name is Dr. Cameron Staley, PhD. I’m a scientific psychologist who has spent many years researching and helping others overcome their wrestle with unwanted pornography viewing. I need to be part of your Flight Crew, help you get again in that Pilot’s chair, and guide you in your method to hovering past your wrestle with undesirable pornography viewing and into your life!

The Life After Pornography Coach App was designed as a simplified easy to follow information that will help you apply ideas to overcome unwanted pornography use. This app consists of:

- A guided 10 week course on overcoming unwanted pornography use

- Over 80 movies serving to you understand why pornography is half of your life and the steps you can take to overcome it

- 6 Meditation assignments that can help you gain stronger self control

- Flight Crew - a message board help group with different LAP members

- Journal to replicate and apply rules taught all through the program

- Tools to assist guide you and make sense of various components of the LAP program

This app is predicated on ideas from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) which is doubtless certainly one of the solely research supported approaches for reducing unwanted pornography viewing. This app is a complete on-line self-directed program that is primarily based on ACT principles and resembles the same strategy I would use if I were working with an individual in therapy.

Take the 10 week problem and see for yourself how you can benefit from the freedom of life after pornography!

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