Fitzroy 41-50

Fitzroy 41-50

By Greygum Software

Fitzroy 41-50Fitzroy 41-50Fitzroy 41-50Fitzroy 41-50Fitzroy 41-50

The Fitzroy Readers is a set of graded books which employ the Fitzroy Method - a phonic approach to studying developed over the past 3 a long time.

Children who are up to these Readers are often capable of read simple fictional works, for example Choose Your Own Adventure tales and the like. This is a good thrill for them.

At superior ranges, Readers often teach as a lot as three new sounds. This speeds up studying without overburdening the now competent reader.

Due to the systematic construction of the program, even more complex sentences are quickly no drawback.

Notice how the special (i.e. sight) phrases work together with the spelling patterns realized. Together they help form a base from which youngsters can 'decode' big numbers of words - even ones they've never seen earlier than.

There are several sounding-out options out there. All speech is high-quality recording. The interface is designed for young fingers and can be utilized by the student alone or with a tutor.