Learn Iqro with Audio

Learn Iqro with Audio

By AiraSoft

Learn Iqro with AudioLearn Iqro with AudioLearn Iqro with AudioLearn Iqro with AudioLearn Iqro with Audio

Learning Iqro with Audio is an utility that can be utilized to make it easier for customers to learn to read the Qur'an, especially youngsters who're just learning to read and study the Koran, so this software is accompanied by engaging photos and colors for kids. children and audio sounds learn by youngsters. However, it could possibly nonetheless be utilized by adults who simply want to learn to read the Qur'an.

This Iqro Learning application with Audio is made in a easy, clear, and attractive method. So that it could possibly increase curiosity in studying and help make it easier for users who need to learn the Koran and study to learn the Qur'an.

This utility can be used on smartphones and tablets with a minimal version of Android 2.3.3. The measurement of the content will routinely regulate the display measurement proportionally.

In this Iqra Learning application there are 6 ranges of learning levels, from Iqro' 1 to Iqro' 6, geared up with audio readings and reading instructions. Currently, Iqro' 1, Iqro' 2, Iqro' 3, Iqro' 4, and Iqro' 5 can be found, whereas Iqro' 6 is still within the strategy of being manufactured and shall be accomplished as quickly as possible.

Remarks :

- Iqro' 1: Learn Hijaiyah letters from Alif to Ya, by reading fathah ('a'). 'i).

- Iqro' 3: Learn to learn kasroh ('i'), dhommah ('u'), long readings, and their variations.

- Iqro' 4: Learn tanwin readings: fathatain ('an'), kasrotain ('in'), and dhommatain ('un'), in addition to lifeless studying (breadfruit), nun mati, qolqolah, and its variations.

- Iqro ' 5: Learn to read waqof, tasydid, mad jaiz munfasil, mad compulsory muttasil, mad regular kilmi mutsaqqol, idzhar, idghom, the regulation of mim dies, etc.

- Iqro' 6: Learn iqlab, ikhfa, indicators waqof (stop), some variations of the letters that are waqofed, introduction and how to read the primary few letters of the letters within the Qur'an, and so forth.

Hopefully this application could be useful to facilitate and us in learning the Koran and learning to read the Qur'an.

Thank you.

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