1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read

1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read

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1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read1000 Words CP-CE1 / Learning to read

In addition to traditional reading methods, the application permits preschool children to control syllables or phonemes at their leisure so as to find a way to decode most words. This studying continues in CE1 with the examine of advanced spellings.

In CP, 46 French phonemes or graphemes are covered based on a flexible progression that could be adapted to the different textbooks current within the courses. The exercises of syllabic then phonemic decomposition and recomposition constitute coaching within the correct reading and spelling of phrases: the identical sound can have completely different spellings (o/au/eau), the same spelling could be pronounced in one other way (c= s, c=k), some associations must be known (tr). The 29 major difficulties are coated in CE1: differentiations (pr/br), inversions (ar), advanced sounds (ié), implicit rules (m before m, b, p).

The software comes useful in addition to studying manuals or methods used in lessons but may additionally be used independently because of its enjoyable side.

The similar pill can register three customers.

The 1000 words Pro model includes the content material of this software as properly as the GS and FLE (French as a overseas language or remedial) versions.

The free version presents 35 exercises. The in-app purchase provides entry to more than 660 workouts for €3.99.

Full documentation is on the market at www.1000-mots.fr

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