Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)

Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)

By AppsManju

Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)Learn Excel 2016 (Pro)

Note : This is not a Microsoft Application that is just a Excel 2016 Tutorial

By the utilizing of this software you might study the next:

** Basic of Excel – 2016

-1 Introduction of Excel 2016

-2 Data Auto Fill

-Auto Fit the Data

-Fibonacci Sequence

-5 Custom Lists


-7 Hide Columns or Rows

-8 Skip Blanks

-9 Transpose

-10 Union and Intersect

-11 Flash Fill

-12 Move Columns

**Formulas and Functions

-1 Subtract

-2 Multiply

-3 Divide

-4 Square Root

-5 Percentage

-6 Names in Formulas

-7 Dynamic Named Range

-8 Paste Options

-9 Status Bar

-10 Quick Operations

-11 Not Equal To

-12 Cm to inches

-13 Discount

(Note App have More Formulas)


-Quick Access Toolbar

-Developer Tab


-Save in 97-2003 Format

-View Multiple Workbooks

-Auto Recover


-1 Worksheets

-2 Zoom in and Zoom Out

-3 Split Worksheet

-4 Freeze Panes

-5 Group Worksheets

-6 Consolidate

-7 View Multiple Worksheets

-8 Get Sheet Name

-9 Spell Check

**Format Cells

-Format Cells

-Decimal Places

-Date and Time Formats


-Currency vs Accounting

-Text to Numbers

-Numbers to Text

-Custom Number Format

-Format Painter

-Cell Styles


-Wrap Text

-Merge Cells


-Superscript and Subscript

-Check Mark

And many extra with Excel VBA tutorial

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