General culture for competition

General culture for competition

By KA'Dev

General culture for competitionGeneral culture for competitionGeneral culture for competitionGeneral culture for competitionGeneral culture for competition

A competition or an exam soon? Patent, baccalaureate, nursing competitions, business colleges, public service...:

Pass your exam due to the General Culture application for competitions, that is the applying that allows you to evaluate your knowledge of basic information in order to improve your stage in the main topics.

• MCQs from previous years' competitions, and even more to come:

- History and mythology (ancient historical past, modern history, mythodology).

- Economics and politics (economic and sociological theories, institutions of

republic, political parties and trade unions).

- The present world (geography, international relations, Europe,

the setting, the religions of the world, media, day by day life).

- Arts and hobbies (theatre, poetry and literature, structure, portray, classical

music, dance, sport).

- Sanitary and social (family, training, unemployment, health, meals,

medicine, childhood...).

• Countries of the world (Capital, Population, Area, Independence, Currency...).

• Quiz national flags of all the countries of the world.

• Quiz well-known people.

• Quiz of well-known monuments.

• Random test of 20 to 100 questions from all classes.

• Add questions that go nicely with you curiosity in your favorites

• At the top of every series, you get a percentage of your answers (good, bad, remaining).

• To measure your progress and encourage you to surpass your self, the applying permits you to follow the evolution of your results. This allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Do not hesitate to ship us any suggestions on this application, our goal is to help as many individuals as attainable to succeed in the competitions!

Be persistent and have an excellent evaluate.

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