Learn to read - CP

Learn to read - CP

By nemla

Learn to read - CPLearn to read - CPLearn to read - CPLearn to read - CPLearn to read - CP

Learning to learn French, studying to learn in CP, French alphabet Nursery, giant section, CP, FLE

First part: We begin by studying a half of the French alphabet in script and in the disorder. We be taught the pronunciation of the letter and never the name of the letter. A quiz for every lesson to check that the letters have been realized and that the alphabet has been memorized.

A little recreation to practice hearing sounds. We must search for the phrases that begin with one sound or another and move them right into a field.

Second part: We transfer on to learning the syllables. A mix of the B-A BA method, Boscher method and different syllabic methods. From the primary lessons the kid begins to read words with the letters learned. Learning is progressive: we take 3 letters, we read the phrases made with these letters, then subsequent lesson we add 2 letters and we get new phrases. Words are composed solely of letters and mixtures of letters already discovered. The issue is rising.

Each syllable can be heard using an audio button. The whole phrase can then also be heard. An illustration of the word then seems. The audios are clear and spoken softly to listen to each sound correctly. Quizzes are frequently supplied to work on listening.

This utility is intended for kids in CP or GS grande section or CE1 CE2, mother and father, academics and anybody wishing to study to learn or assist somebody 'one to learn to read.

Can even be useful for anyone wishing to improve their accent in the French language.

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