Neik Amaal

Neik Amaal

By IT department of Dawateislami

Neik AmaalNeik AmaalNeik Amaal

As everyone knows that good begets good. Surely, we all want to do good issues whether it's only for us or for our beloved ones. In order to make people certain of Sharia rulings and lead their daily routine in accordance with it, the I.T. department of DawateIslami has developed Neik Amaal software for android cellular. This is the perfect approach to record your good deeds as it tells you what you've carried out and what is pending. Its features are amazing as they keep you consistent. It has a beautifully designed UI. With this Naik Amal app, people can set a time for his or her specific good deeds and the app will send them a notification based on their wish. However, there is a daily work plan feature that reveals you good habits on a daily basis and it additionally tells you about Qufl-e-Madina.

Prominent Features

Performance Evaluation

People can consider their every day, weekly, month-to-month and even yearly performance and bring change steadily.

Work Plan

Users set their deed’s schedule through the use of the work plan characteristic and set reminders accordingly.

Data Visualization

By using this amazing characteristic, you can compare your monthly performances and decide your self accordingly.

Madani Pearls

This software sends you Madani pearls each day so as to keep you motivated.


It tells you to be centered and draw some attention towards what you may have done in an entire day.

Multiple Languages

For its customers, it has a quantity of languages similar to Urdu, English, Bangla, Gujarati and Sindhi, so everyone can understand its tips.

Analyze Report

Users could analyze their performance and know about where they lack to find a way to deliver changes then also set their day by day routine.

Share your Report

Users could share their reports and let others find out about what they have carried out and persuade others to do the identical issues.

We warmly welcome your suggestions and proposals.

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