Important Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Important Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and Sunnah

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Important Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and SunnahImportant Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and SunnahImportant Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and SunnahImportant Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and SunnahImportant Prayers are prayers in the Qur'an and Sunnah

Bismillahir Rohmanir Rohiym, Assalomu alaykum, Dear brothers and sisters. It is Sunnah for us to wish to God in all types of situations in our every day lives.

For you saints, we've developed an Important Prayers program to make it simpler so that you simply can memorize prayers.

There are presently eighty five different prayers in the program, and we plan to add more later.

The following prayers are at present in this system:

Morning prayer,

Morning prayer 2,

Morning remembrance,

Morning zikr 2,

Evening prayer,

Morning and evening,

Morning and night 2,

Morning and night 3,

Before going to sleep,

Before going to mattress 2,

When you are scared in your sleep,

When you've a nasty dream,

When you wake up,

When you get up 2,

When you wake up 3,

When it rains,

When dressing,

When undressing,

When wearing new garments,

When wearing new garments 2,

Before consuming ,

Before consuming 2,

After eating,

After consuming 2,

When going to the toilet,

When going out of the toilet,

Before ablution,

After ablution,

After ablution 2,

After ablution 3,

When leaving the house,

When leaving the home 2,

When getting into the home,

When reaching the destination,

When driving a horse,

When riding a horse 2,

Prayer on the journey,

Remembrance on the return journey,

Prayer for the sick,

Prayer for the sick 2,

G 'read in grief,

read in grief 2,

learn in grief 3,

Prayer to prevent calamity,

Prayer of the afflicted,

Prayer of the troubled,

Recitation of the troubled >

Debt reading,

Debt studying 2,

Debt studying 3,

Qur'anic prayer,

Qur'anic prayer 2,

Qur'anic prayer 3,

Qur'anic prayer 4,

Sunnah prayer,

Sunnah prayer 2,

Sunnah prayer 3,

Asylum prayer,

Guest's Prayer to the Host,

Shari'ah Join Prayer,

Entering the Market,

Prayer for the One Who Has Doed Good to You,

G ' A prayer to be recited when struggling,

A prayer to be recited when Satan tempts,

A prayer to be recited when sneezing,

A prayer to be recited when seeing the model new moon,

Rain Prayer,

Rain Prayer 2,

Azan Remembrance,

Dua after the decision to prayer,

When going to the mosque,

When entering the mosque,

When leaving the mosque,

Takbiri tashriq,

Sayyidul istighfor,

Sacrifice prayer,

Sahar prayer,

Iftar prayer,

Patient to go to see,

to the man within the throes of death,

to close the eyes of the lifeless,

condolence prayer,

Funeral prayer,

At the top of Tashahhud,

Atonement of the Assembly

Who has the previous Important If there's a program of prayers, we ask them to delete it and set up it.

We have prepared this system as a charity for our late father Daniel Kuvondikov.

May Allah reward them with Paradise.

Telegram for contact: @Islamapps

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