Minna no Nihon Daily - Daily Japanese

Minna no Nihon Daily - Daily Japanese

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Minna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily JapaneseMinna no Nihon Daily - Daily Japanese

Japanese Daily

Are you learning Japanese and looking for something greater than flashcards? Congratulations! You have hit the jackpot. Japanese Daily contains the 50 sounds charts, vocabularies, listening checks, a number of choice questions, translation workout routines (i.e. hiragana to katagana, katagana to romaji, romaji to kanji and the like). It takes you 10 minutes or extra every single day to enhance your Japanese. It is designed for both beginners and intermediate learners of Japanese. Japanese Daily incorporates studying, writing, and listening exams, it's the perfect app which has every little thing you want.

Features for Basic customers:

- Word of the Day

- 50 Sounds Charts, including Seion, Dakuon and Youon

- Multiple choice questions, problem your self with translations amongst hiragana to katagana, hiragana to romaji and katagana to romaji.

- 50 classes, together with vocabularies, phrases, sentences and the next,

- Audio pronunciation: learn each phrase by listening to the sound of it

- Search: search words by typing hiragana, katagana, kanji or meaning

- Learn: keep in mind every word and phrase by heart, type within the corresponding hiragana to the phrase or phrase pronounced. This train can prepare your listening, reading and writing. There are 2 learning modes, you can check yourself in the identical vocab sequence as shown within the lesson or in a random sequence. You may also apply with hints supplied.

Basic users also can take pleasure in the next options for the primary 3 classes:

- Listening: listen to the pronunciation and select the proper reply, solutions may be proven in Kanji, Romaji or English.

- Quiz: check your fluidity in translating hiragana, katagana, kanji or romaji to one and another.

- Read All: Are you dreaming about having a tutor to learn all of the vocabularies in a single go? If yes, you want to undoubtedly try our Read All perform. Every phrase within the lesson is pronounced and followed by its which means learn out loud.

Features for Premium customers:

- 50 lessons with all of the options mentioned above.

- Remove Ads

The greatest software for faculty students who are:

- studying Minna no Nihongo

- preparing for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)

Enjoying the app? Leave us feedback and a ranking to allow us to know! You can also drop us a message at [email protected]

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