ICS flag trainer

ICS flag trainer

By DBG Nautical

ICS flag trainerICS flag trainerICS flag trainerICS flag trainerICS flag trainer

This advert free, ICS software (International Code of Signalling) was designed to learn and self-test your information on the ICS-nautical flags.

Knowledge of ICS flags and associated messages is obligatory in order to cross a check for acquiring a boating, GMDSS or STCW license.

The ICS flag coach app has 3 menus.

First the Browser menu

Here you will discover in alphabetical order all ICS flags for letters and numbers. Each flag shows an entire page with picture, text message, Morse code, signalling with (ALDIS) light bulb and signalling with a pennant. You could spent a while on these pages before going to the following menu.

Second the Quiz menu

Here you presumably can take a look at your data with a sequence of 10 questions. You can choose questions on flags, messages or Morse codes. Start with flags after which go on to messages and later Morse code. You can all the time come again to this section to test your actual data.

Third the Theory menu

Here you can see the textual content of the ICS signalling directions. Use this as background reference. Text is divided in 10 sections. The more you understand the better it's, especially if you have to take oral examinations.

You can give us feedback through email using the Contact button.

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