Gnome Watch

Gnome Watch

By Gian Casalegno

Gnome WatchGnome WatchGnome WatchGnome WatchGnome Watch

This app contains two completely different faces in your watch: analog and digital.

They each show the current value of the equation of time together with present time based on completely different time systems:

- mean time

- time zone true time

- native true time (*)

- local imply time (*)

- babilonic time (*)

- italic time (*)

- temporal time (*)

- to sundown time (*)

Time methods marked with (*) are solely available if a smartphone with a GPS receiver is coupled with the watch.

In this case the app can even compute the instants of dawn and sunset.

These instances are shown within the analog face via two small dials.

The digital face reveals the whole day in a 24 hours dial where civil, nautical and astronomical twilight instants are marked.

More data can be found in the creator's website

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