Get Rid of Your Accent

Get Rid of Your Accent

By Olga Smith

Get Rid of Your AccentGet Rid of Your AccentGet Rid of Your AccentGet Rid of Your AccentGet Rid of Your Accent

Get Rid of your Accent is a phenomenon. Seven years in the past, we created an instant hit, the best-selling pronunciation guide within the UK. Our second and third books make us the most popular books and CD bundle round. Actors, lawyers, brokers, businessmen, and diplomats have flourished with our help. The success of the guide led to a different venture: Intensive 3 weeks Accent Reduction courses for diplomats, professionals and students in London and Skype classes for those exterior London. The programs start initially of every month. Visit for testimonials and footage and if you would like to e-book Skype classes or a course.

Now Get Rid of your Accent is the place it's all the time wanted to be: on GooglePlay. You can get one of the best of our wonderful classes in one easy-to-use app that goes in all places with you. Hear the sounds; see how to make them; apply; and watch your career, schooling, and social life blossom.

App Contents and Functionality

Get Rid of your Accent App is the British English Pronunciation Course at your fingertips, ideal for self-study. It contains forty two audio classes from the international bestseller Get Rid of your Accent, Part One, by Linda James and Olga Smith (learn extra on Developer's Website).

The classes cowl all English sounds needed to grasp Received Pronunciation, impartial accent of educated southern English and the chief accent taught to foreigners who wish to study the British model. Each lesson begins with an illustrated description of the speech organ position, followed by practical exercises. The workouts consist of phrases, amusing sentences, tongue twisters, and verses, taken from literature and conversational English. All workouts are recorded on audio tracks that illustrate the model pronunciation. Students can play audio tracks, record themselves, and evaluate their pronunciation with the mannequin.

This app will assist you to to:

• Neutralise your accent within 1-3 months

• Make your English clear and simple to understand

• Become a better communicator and public speaker

• Increase your private confidence and general image

• Improve your job prospects

About the authors

Linda James (RAM, Dip. Ed., IPD, LRAM)

Linda educated at the Royal Academy of Music and certified as a instructor of Speech and Drama. She also holds an International Phonetics Diploma from London University.

Linda has had in depth expertise as a dialect coach in TV, movies and the theatre. For more than 20 years she has worked as a Speech Tutor at several London drama faculties and privately, specialising within the teaching of Received Pronunciation (RP) and the eradication of accents.

Olga Smith (BA in Linguistics, MBA)

Olga holds a level in Linguistics and an MBA from Nottingham University. She can be a complicated public speaker and a holder of the Toastmaster bronze reward.

Olga learned a novel drama school technique for Accent Reduction from high British phonetician Linda James. They collectively co-authored the UK bestselling books, “Get Rid of your Accent”, Part One, Part Two and Part Three.

In the previous, you would solely get speech training in British drama faculties or by taking speech classes from a non-public speech tutor. Olga wished to make this exclusive coaching accessible for a a lot wider viewers. Linda and Olga took the strategy long utilized in London drama faculties, adapted it for learners of English and collated it right into a single coaching manual, with CDs, the first of its type.

The success of the book led to a different enterprise Olga undertook: she designed and launched Accent Reduction courses for diplomats, professionals, college students, and heaps of others who have to neutralize their accent in a short period of time. The programs turned an enormous success and have been featured in National newspapers and tv in the UK. Visit and be part of the course or join Skype classes today and get one of the best results in ashort time period.