Curiscope Virtuali-Tee

Curiscope Virtuali-Tee


Curiscope Virtuali-TeeCuriscope Virtuali-TeeCuriscope Virtuali-TeeCuriscope Virtuali-TeeCuriscope Virtuali-Tee

Curiscope’s Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate approach to Learn concerning the Body!

The app works in conjunction with our augmented actuality t-shirt to deliver studying to life with an expertise that's not like anything. Unlock a detailed and sensible simulation of the anatomy by pointing your iPhone or iPad at The Virtuali-Tee. It works in selfie mode too!

Features include:

- Isolate the person physiological methods that perform all of the unbelievable features that keep YOU alive!

- Dive into the bloodstream, lungs or small intestine with 360° experiences.

- Heart price tracker. Measure your heart rate and then see your heart beating stay on your body!

- Go solo, the app works in selfie and in mirror mode.

- Hans Glover, our animated doctor information will speak you through every system and experience.

- Fantastic for groups! Works with multiple devices and mirroring to a screen or projector via Airplay.

Visit to grab your Virtual-Tee t-shirt or try out the demo at

Please note: In-App Purchases are only required to unlock the demo mode. The t-shirt presents the identical, full functionality.

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