Buddy.ai: English for kids

Buddy.ai: English for kids

By AI Buddy Inc.

Buddy.ai: English for kidsBuddy.ai: English for kidsBuddy.ai: English for kidsBuddy.ai: English for kidsBuddy.ai: English for kids

Meet Buddy, the voice-based digital English tutor for children ages 4-10. Buddy teaches kids to talk English using distinctive speech know-how and game-like lessons and actions.

Speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish simply

If you speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish at residence, Buddy can help you be taught English.

Buddy is the world's first voice-based virtual English tutor and one of the leading English studying apps for kids worldwide.

• Over one million kids study with Buddy each month

• 280,000 5-star user reviews

• TOP 10 App in Kids and Education charts in main nations all through Latin America and Europe

• Major awards and nominations including GESA London, EnlightEd Madrid, Startup Worldcup San Francisco

Buddy supplies one-on-one English talking practice similar to a reside tutor. With Buddy, your baby can:

• Learn over 1,500 widespread words and phrases in 14 matters like Numbers, School, Technology, etc.

• Improve pronunciation

• Practice conversations

• Break the language barrier and begin talking English with confidence

Buddy is inexpensive for everybody — You’ll get a month of learning for the cost of one session with a stay tutor.

Start talking English with Buddy today!

• Children study 60 English words and phrases per week.

• Parents obtain weekly progress stories.

Buddy works by combining:

1. Proprietary speech, digital human and adaptive studying technology

2. Latest studying techniques

3. Engaging sport design

Our virtual tutor was developed by an skilled team of educators and engineers with Ph.Ds in Education Science, Psychology of Learning, and Computer science.



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