Learn to Read - Syllabic

Learn to Read - Syllabic

By Edu'Apps

Learn to Read - SyllabicLearn to Read - SyllabicLearn to Read - SyllabicLearn to Read - SyllabicLearn to Read - Syllabic

Several tens of thousands of children already use Syllabique. Recommended by many speech therapists to study to read, free and complete, this educational sport is based on the syllabic method to learn French while having fun from the age of 3. Through progressive and structured levels, the child assimilates the sounds, then the syllables, then their meeting. A nice advantage for your child!


** Free: All levels, from the primary to the final, are accessible free of charge.

** Effective : Many children have discovered to learn thanks to this academic materials.

** Rigorous: Strictly syllabic learning designed by skilled lecturers.

** Complete: A hundred levels with a new syllable per stage.

** Follow-up: The adult can analyze the progress of the child due to the scores.

** Motivating: Tests and colours encourage the child and spotlight his progress.

** Fulfilling: Each child progresses at his own tempo and with pleasure.

** Progressive: First easy vowels, then 1st syllable of words, then 2, then 3 syllables per phrase.

** Scalable: Each level takes under consideration the acquisitions of earlier levels.

** Versatile: Suitable for precocious or common kids, or requiring extra help in studying to read. Suitable for 3 12 months olds, 4 12 months olds, 5 12 months olds, 6 year olds, 7 year olds, from center part and large section to cp, ce1, ce2, cm1.

** Mobile: At home, in the car or on the practice, an Internet connection just isn't needed.

** Neat: About 250 lovely images illustrate the words in French .

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