Thousand Characters - Chinese Characters

Thousand Characters - Chinese Characters

By FirstScreenTeam

Thousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese CharactersThousand Characters - Chinese Characters

Thousand characters are essentially the most needed examine to read and write Chinese characters

You need to know hundreds of characters to see Chinese characters.< /b>

The most elementary Chinese characters contained within the Thousand Characters are very helpful in understanding and applying different Chinese characters. Reading hundreds of characters freely is at level 1 or higher primarily based on the Chinese character stage. Now, turn into a master of the Thousand Characters.

The best and most fun way to learn the Thousand Characters

The fundamentals of the basics!! Don't force yourself to check the Thousand Characters any extra. There can also be no must spend time memorizing. How long are you going to memorize? There isn't any troublesome or boring study on the first screen. It is a groundbreaking technique that seems on the first display, enabling clear memorization via natural exposure. Study with a thousand characters on the first screen of the Chinese character app.

More wealthy to learn, extra fun to follow

The first display Thousand Characters is a learning function. Helps create knowledge. With “correct reply rate” and “learn mistaken words again” that informs you when studying is full, the primary display screen guarantees a stable learning process. It offers a more environment friendly setting for learning thousand characters with the Chinese character following function. The complete course of in the first display will make me a master of the thousand letters.

Go to an internet seek for the thousand letters you might be interested by

More on the primary display screen If there's a thousand characters you wish to know, you'll find a way to search further. As I study extra in-depth content, you will note my progress.

The patented app is one thing different!!

The first display screen Thousand Characters created by Dr. is extra scientific and simpler than the intentionally memorizing method. Cheonjamun that you just wish to see a number of instances can be managed individually with the Favorites operate. In addition, internet search and learning capabilities are additionally supplied.

First screen training sequence “Thousand Characters” following English on the primary screen

English on the primary display has already been confirmed to be effective in memorizing English phrases, conversations, and sentences. This time it's a thousand characters.

How far can you go in the first screen?

In addition to learning, internet search, and favorites, climate info, flashlight and even the camera! The first display with nothing lacking offers everything you need.

* Permission Information for First Screen Thousand Characters

The following access rights are required for easy service use. We inform you that it'll not be 'by no means' used for another objective than this one :-)

- Photo/Media/File Permissions (required)

View album photos, pictures within the background Required to set the background.

- Location: Weather information of the precise location (required)

Consent to use location data is required to set the climate area.

- Camera permission (required) )

You want digital camera (flash) permission to use the flashlight.

“The first display is It makes learning thousands of characters simple and fun“


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