Pinkfong Learn Korean

Pinkfong Learn Korean

By The Pinkfong Company

Pinkfong Learn KoreanPinkfong Learn KoreanPinkfong Learn KoreanPinkfong Learn KoreanPinkfong Learn Korean

Start studying Korean (hangul) with Pinkfong!

Watch movies on Korean letters and play studying games to master the Korean alphabet!


1. Animated Videos on Korean Letters

- Watch sixteen videos featuring the letters '가' to '하'

- Learn how to pronounce them too!

- Learn new vocabulary.

2. Trace Korean Words

- Learn tips on how to write the Korean letters by way of fun tracing actions.

- Watch, hear, read, and write!

3. Fun Learning Activities

- Review and master the letters via enjoyable activities, starring youngsters' favorite characters.

4. Flash Cards on Words

- Collect flash cards by completing every activity.

- Learn fun words with flash cards!

Are you able to learn?

- Smart Study is a global entertainment firm that created the characters Pinkfong and Baby Shark.

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