Learn Russian without internet

Learn Russian without internet

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Learn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internetLearn Russian without internet

The application was created to be taught the basics of the Russian language.

You are invited to start out your acquaintance with the Russian language with the pronunciation of letters and associated words in a playful means.

There are two options for the game: a drafting board and a take a look at to test the acquired information.

The application will assist remember the alphabet not only for children of Russian-speaking households, but in addition for international college students.

The utility (Tutorial) was created in order to facilitate the process of learning Russian.

Starting with letters, how are pronounced and teams of words sort of like a base to start with.

the application includes each the Board and tests within the form of the game Test Games.

Thus, it will assist not only Russian children, but additionally Foreign students To obtain a High degree.

Voice acting: Svetlana A. Kulishkina, defectologist of the highest category.

Verification: Sergey Kazhichkin

Director: Mahmoud Hassan

- accommodates the Russian-Arabic dictionary - the Arabic-Russian dictionary.

- Islamic and Arabic phrases and terms.

-Teaching aid on the Russian language for international citizens, ABC and dictionary.

- Alphabet, Vocabulary, Games

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