L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)

L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)

By Play Posse

L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)L-System Studio (Lindenmayer Fractals)

Lindenmayer Systems are essentially the most accessible fractals to the lay person. Their underlying logic is as straightforward as Sudoku. This app takes a cool visible from the sophisticated math world and makes it fun to play around with. While different L-System Apps require complicated screens, this one enables you to type and immediately preview the output. Create your own fractal, stamp your identify on it, and share it with your mates. There are still plenty of L-Systems waiting to be discovered. You are standing at the edge of a frontier!

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