Hilokal - language exchange

Hilokal - language exchange

By HiLokal

Hilokal - language exchangeHilokal - language exchangeHilokal - language exchangeHilokal - language exchangeHilokal - language exchange

Hilokal is one of the best, free language change and language studying app to easily apply speaking with native audio system. Drop-in audio chatrooms for language learners. Find a language trade associate, tutor, or simply make new pals now!

Learn ?Korean, ?English, ?Chinese, ?Japanese, ?Spanish, ?Portuguese, ?French, ?German, ?Tagalog, ?Indonesian, ?Malaysian ?Hindi and more.

Improve your language degree from beginner to intermediate and then to advanced. Reach fluency in a fun, social method. Focus on speaking but in addition study pronunciation, writing, listening, grammar and so much extra.


✅ Audio Chatrooms - really easy to make use of.

Hilokal is the primary mobile app centered on drop-in audio for language learners. This means you'll have the ability to meet native speakers of your target language, any time any where and trade language. Don't worry about scheduling! All our features are designed to assist language learners communicate.

✅ Its enjoyable, easy and addictive!

We be taught by speaking with natives and friends! This app makes speaking your goal language FUN and social. Making Korean associates, or target language friends is a good way to make language habits. You'll spend hours training.

✅ Free language lessons with tutors!

We focus on Korean and English now but more language tutors are coming every day. Professional Korean tutors give free group classes to assist you be taught language. 1:1 tutor classes are also available.

✅ Improve your Pronunciation with Voice corrections

Other language trade apps have text corrections, Hilokal has voice corrections so you'll find a way to enhance your talking skills and pronunciation. Save voice notes, get corrections and improve! This is how one can enhance your pronunciation and turn out to be fluent.

✅ Subtitles to simply understand

This app is focused on talking your goal language so we now have the subtitle feature the place you'll be able to see the subtitles of your native partner once they speak! Easy and fun to understand real, native speakers.

This is a enjoyable and social language trade app that connects you with native audio system simply.

Audio voice chats are an effective way to search out your language learning group and at last get to fluency within the language you need to study.

Start speaking and learning languages now!

Practice talking ?Korean

Practice speaking ?English

Practice speaking ?Chinese

Practice talking ?Japanese

Practice speaking ?Spanish

Practice speaking ?Portuguese

Practice talking ?French

Practice speaking ?German

Practice talking ?Tagalog

Practice talking ?Indonesian

Practice talking ?Malaysian

Practice speaking ?Hindi

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