Earworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ music

Earworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ music

By Earworms Ltd

Earworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ musicEarworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ musicEarworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ musicEarworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ musicEarworms: Learn languages vocabulary w/ music

Learn languages via music!

Heard of the “earworms effect”? Catchy music and lyrics that you just cant get out of your head? This highly effective award-winning learning technique uses music as the medium to move phrases and phrases of a overseas language into your long-term reminiscence. Learn a language now! ️

Learn Spanish, French, English, German, Italian and completely different different languages and enhance your vocabulary and grammar using the facility of music. Earworms crops the words of a overseas language into your head with easy language programs.

Try our language learning with music lyrics demo at no cost.


1. Brain-based:

The Earworms methodology not only supplies the words, phrases and grammar that you have to learn a language, it additionally actively anchors them into the auditory cortex of your brain! It is far more than language programs, it is language learning! Learn French, Spanish, English, Italian, German or Dutch listening to music lyrics.

2. Music is the key:

Using music because the medium to be taught languages is not solely fun, additionally it is efficient. Firstly, music places the learner into the optimum state of consciousness for studying different languages. Secondly, language learning via music lyrics permits repetition (a prerequisite whenever you study a language). On prime of that, music engages and stimulates each hemispheres of the mind, unleashing extra studying potential.

3. Chunking:

Instead of language learning in terms of individual words and grammar, the Earworms method immerses the learner in real-life dialogues and expressions with lyrics. These are damaged down into bite-size chunks, practiced rhythmically with music after which reconstructed into full sentences. This gives the learner a powerful sense of how real language programs are constructed and studying French, Spanish, German, Italian, English and completely different different languages and their vocabulary becomes simple.


* Developed by language instructing consultants.

* Convenient. 6-9 minute tracks. Listen and study track by track, any time, wherever.

* Audio-visual expertise with 'karaoke-like' stay lyrics feature.

* Specific unambiguous objectives. 200 optimally chosen units of phrases and phrases to study a language.

* Measurable. Easy monitoring of progress of your language courses.

* Target language spoken by native audio system - so correct pronunciation is acquired mechanically.

* Relevant. Carefully chosen content-rich language. Based on the CEF (Common European Framework) and immediately helpful to the learner.

* Time-bound. The musical reminiscence methodology permits actual speedy progress.

* Educational discounts can be found. Visit www.earwormslearning.com/support/teachers


French German Italian Spanish (European) Spanish (Latin American) Mandarin Cantonese Japanese Arabic Portuguese (European) Portuguese (Brazilian) Russian Greek Turkish Polish English Dutch


There are 3 studying levels out there, which can take you as a lot as intermediate degree (CEF level A2).

* Volume 1. Within a few hours of listening to this quantity, you will have sufficient vocabulary data of a language to be able to cope with real-life situations like taking a taxi, at the resort, on the restaurant, requesting, well mannered phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with issues and so on.

* Volume 2. This language course will quickly allow you to speak about your self, chatting and even flirting!

* Volume 3. Here you learn extra useful on a regular basis situations while going extra into the structure, the grammatical guidelines of the language while improving your vocabulary.

NOTE: The app features a demo of full tracks of all study languages available – and is free to download. You can then buy the total programs from within the app.

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