Initial letter of the ancient Slavs

Initial letter of the ancient Slavs

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Initial letter of the ancient SlavsInitial letter of the ancient SlavsInitial letter of the ancient SlavsInitial letter of the ancient Slavs

The utility was created for those who study the Old Slavonic Initial Letter.

Each Initial Letter has a deep image.

To understand what depth is, you need to grasp not a combination of letters, but a combination of photographs.

Single pictures give rise to new single photographs, which, involved with new images,

generate much more new images that unite, responding to the decision of your speech, your thought.

You call them and so they come. You connect them with others.

The result is an EDUCATION system - the calling of an image, schooling,

creation, and never a system of training through coaching. And if you be taught to create photographs, then your mind switches to figurative pondering, figurative worldview, figurative worldview.

Syllables of preliminary letters and Old Slavic numbers have been added to the functions.

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