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# 1 UzbEngUzb: English to Uzbek Translator and Uzbek to English Translator

English to Uzbek Translator Easily translate English textual content into Uzbek using our free app. You can also translate from Uzbek to English.

✓ Using the built-in voice recognition know-how, you'll have the ability to report your text using your voice after which translate the textual content. . This useful function allows you to translate simple conversations. You can translate your English voice into Uzbek and your Uzbek voice into English .

✓ Using the built-in speech function, you can take heed to words or sentences. Click on the speaker and the program will learn English words / sentences. The app also reads Uzbek words / sentences.

✓ Use as a dictionary. You can write your words in English and get the precise phrase in Uzbek. You can write your phrases in Uzbek and get the precise word in English.

User Guide

1) I copied the textual content, how can I translate?

A) Click the Close button and our English to Uzbek Translator software will translate the textual content.

2) How to delete the language Can it be changed?

A) Press the toggle button (2 arrows) at the high of the display screen. Clicking the Edit button changes the path of translation from English to Uzbek and from Uzbek to English.

3) Do you need to translate the text?

A) Press the microphone button and say the text. When you've completed recording, click the Translate button and the English translator software will translate the text from English.

4) I will translate it from English to Uzbek translator How do I use it?

A) Enter the text within the first textual content area and click the Translate button and our program will translate your English text into Uzbek.

5 ) How can I use Uzbek as a translator into English?

A) Pressing the toggle button modifications the direction of translation. After setting the path from Uzbek to English, enter the textual content at the top and click the Translate button to translate from Uzbek to English.

From the Uzbek to English translator utility Features:

✓ 1. English to Uzbek Converter / English to Uzbek Translator .

✓ 2. O ' Translator from Uzbek to English / English translator from Uzbek.

✓ 3. Voice recording in English. Audio translation from English into Uzbek.

✓ 4. Audio recording in Uzbek. Voice translation from Uzbek to English.

✓ 5. Easily share the translated text with different functions.

✓ 6. One-click translated text to WhatsApp or FB Messenger may be sent.

✓ 7. Uzbek dictionary from English (or) English dictionary from Uzbek.

✓ 8. It consumes very little reminiscence.

✓ 9. Very fast.

The English to Uzbek translator utility makes use of the following permissions:

1. Note: Thank you for utilizing our English to Uzbek Translator utility to save this English historical past to Uzbek translator and from Uzbek to English translator!

pro-type: You can also use this utility as an Uzbek to English Translator utility.

Any utility related to the English to Uzbek Translator application For problems / inquiries / feedback / suggestions, please contact [email protected], we might be happy to contact you.

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