WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)

WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)

By WordBit

WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)WordBit Italian (for Spanish speakers)

❓❔Why do you continually miss out on studying Italian?❓❗

There's a approach to enhance your Italian proficiency utilizing time you didn't know you had!

>What is the principle? It's simply utilizing the lock display. How does this work?

The second you examine your cellular phone, your attention is concentrated on the display screen. You are free from what you simply did and you may be ready to receive new info.

At this very second, WordBit makes use of your attention for a brief interval to check Italian.

WordBit English http://bit.ly/wordbitingles

WordBit German http://bit.ly/appaleman

WordBit French http://bit.ly/appfrances

WordBit Arabic http://bit.ly/apparabe

Korean WordBit http://bit.ly/appcoreano

Features of this application

■ Innovative lock display studying method.

When you check messages, watch YouTube or just verify the time, you possibly can research dozens of phrases and prayers a day! This will add up to over a thousand words per thirty days, and you'll be taught mechanically and unconsciously.

■ Optimized content for the lock screen

WordBit offers content in an ideal measurement and appropriate for the lock display and from now learning will solely take a second. So there's no must cease doing your stuff!

■ Useful Examples

With the examples, you can learn the way words are used in real life and what they're used with.

■ Vocabulary classes sorted by level

You can study words and phrases in accordance with your level. (More than 10,000 words from basic to advanced)

■ Additional content

- Synonyms

- Antonyms

- Nouns: Articles are distinguished by color, plural forms

- Verbs: quick and lengthy model of conjugation tables are provided

- Adjectives: comparative varieties, superlatives

- Grammar tips: irregular verbs, irregular articles

stem, prefix, suffix

Well organized, rich content

■ Sentences

You also can be taught the sentences of use common.

■Various classes of idioms, Proverbs, and so on.

■ images for beginners

■ Pronunciation - Automatic pronunciation and display of accent marks.

Extremely helpful features for users

■ Quiz, cowl mode

■ Daily repeat function

You can repeat as many phrases as you want for 24 hours.

■ Custom phrase sorting function

You can verify realized phrases and remove them out of your examine listing.

■ Custom phrase sorting perform search

■16 totally different colour themes (dark themes available)

------------------------ ----------------

Content we offer

■ Vocabulary (for beginners) with pictures






■ Vocabulary (by level)

A1 (Basic 1)

A2 (Basic 2)

B1 (Intermediate 1)

B2 (Intermediate 2)

C1 (Advanced 1) : update coming soon

C2 (Advanced 2) : replace coming soon

■ Expressions

Basic Expressions




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