Vocabulary Builder Pro

Vocabulary Builder Pro

By Fortitude Learn

Vocabulary Builder ProVocabulary Builder ProVocabulary Builder ProVocabulary Builder ProVocabulary Builder Pro


More than 1400 widespread and important words to learn

Learn phrases with excellent pronunciation

Visual cue images / photos

Simple and easy to memorize definitions

Plenty of instance sentences

Easily be taught English vocabulary phrases with flashcard game backed by science

Separate tabs to follow your discovered, favourite and all words

Helpful for anybody getting ready for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and SAT exam

Have you ever felt like there's a thought in your mind that you just can’t express in English? While listening to English music or watching English films, TV series or information irrespective of how onerous you strive you don’t perceive what they're saying? Well, that’s because you aren't familiar with the English vocabulary phrases they are using. To talk successfully in English, this may be very necessary to have a great understanding and improve your English vocabulary. Learning English vocabulary won’t simply make it easier to speak, watching TV programs and listening to music however it'll also assist you to to study something in the world you want to learn.

As studying and improving your English vocabulary can bring you so many benefits but it isn’t all the time easy to be taught English vocabulary. While other vocabulary builder apps are providing you with sophisticated which means that leaves you confused and bomber you with annoying pop-up adverts, we concentrate on offering the premium quality user experience at no cost.

There are hundreds of thousand English vocabulary phrases you possibly can learn, but not all the vocabulary phrases are helpful. To save you time from studying pointless English vocabulary phrases, we hired skilled lecturers to gather a collection of essential words for you. We precisely know what sort of issues folks face while studying English vocabulary. Don’t you suppose typically vocabulary builder apps use unnecessarily complicated definition to define a simple word? That’s why we provide every word with a easy meaning and to make it even easier to understand, we provide many synonyms.

All English learners have had that embarrassing second if you be taught a phrase and anyone tells you that you're pronouncing the phrase incorrectly. To stop you from having that type of disgrace and embarrassment in entrance of individuals, in our English vocabulary builder app we now have English phrase pronunciation with audio. So now you can pay attention and study perfect English pronunciation.

The most important thing you must keep in mind whereas learning English vocabulary is, it's simple to memorize phrases but it’s waste of time should you can’t use the words in sentences. That’s why we offer plenty of example sentences which is ready to surely give the concept of tips on how to use the phrases in sentences in real life conversations.

In virtually all vocabulary builder apps, you can see that there's a mechanism to study phrases however there isn't any method to evaluation phrases that you have realized. We know It is very important to revisit words after you may have realized them. That’s why our vocabulary builder app has a separate part in your discovered words. There are also separate sections on your favorite phrases and all of the words in the app.


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