GMAT Problem Solving

GMAT Problem Solving

By Stepik

GMAT Problem SolvingGMAT Problem SolvingGMAT Problem Solving

This adaptive course can be used for preparation to the Problem Solving part of the GMAT take a look at. Problem fixing questions measure your capability to resolve numerical issues, interpret graphical knowledge, and consider info.

Solve the problem and indicate the best of the answer decisions given. Note that you should NOT use a calculator. All numbers are actual.

The course is adaptive what means that you could not observe a linear pre-set construction of the course, the adaptive engine generates a singular path for every student.

Learning in the app is really simple! If the problem seems too tough or too easy, you'll be able to just swipe the cardboard with the query, the engine will bear in mind the information stage for future content suggestions.

Enjoy learning and have fun!