ASEL Handbook

ASEL Handbook

By LiveCorp (Australian Livestock Export Corporation)

ASEL HandbookASEL HandbookASEL HandbookASEL HandbookASEL Handbook

The Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL) is an Australian Government regulation which units the requirements for the Australian livestock export trade. ASEL covers the livestock export provide chain from the sourcing of livestock through to their supply in an abroad country. The digital ASEL handbook software (app) offers members within the livestock export supply chain with a comprehensive and convenient mobile useful resource which makes the standards readily accessible wherever they're – whether on a farm, a vessel or in the workplace. The info can be accessed via a requirements menu, species menu or search function and a complete in-built calculator, derived from the formulation and requirements within ASEL, enables the timely estimation of stocking densities, fodder, water and bedding (if applicable) necessities for exports by sea.

The ASEL Handbook App is dropped at you by the Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) and Meat Livestock Australia (MLA), the advertising and RDE service firms for Australia’s pink meat and livestock industry. ASEL is copyright. © Commonwealth of Australia 2020. The Commonwealth of Australia, the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment is aware that LiveCorp and MLA have produced a replica of ASEL within this application (app).

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