Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]

Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]


Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]Math Yahoo [EBS Yahoo Pad Only]

EBS formula Math

Basic solid! Increase your pondering skills!! Our child's math king is ready!!

Mathematics is again this time!!

Have enjoyable and enjoyable math games daily with EBS Maths textbook!!

- Maths


The concern of arithmetic stems from not being aware of the mathematical experiences which would possibly be woven into our lives and never realizing the usefulness of arithmetic.

EBS Mathematics Yaho helps students study math ideas in a fun and pure means by composing animations of math fairy tales, songs, chants, and video games utilizing materials from everyday life.

Mathematics Yaho solves misunderstandings about mathematics that are perceived solely as boring and tough because of memorization, repetition, and complex downside solving, and nurtures curiosity and intrinsic motivation for arithmetic. Systematizes the creative problem-solving process.

The Mathematics Yaho App permits youngsters to learn math fortunately by way of the curiosity and fun they felt while watching the published program, such as a fundamental learning table, Yaho's reward sticker, and their own math recreation for each issue consistent with the broadcast curriculum.

- This is the way you be taught math!

You may even read numbers you see for the first time!

With basic numbers you probably can see around you I made it up!

You can learn to evaluation with your individual math game!

There is not any room for boredom with various studying methods similar to chants, rhythms, and numbers games!

Collect Yaho's gift 'Praise Stickers' and evaluate your math studies!

- Recommended age

Mathematics learning designed to learn and use numbers for children from 4 years old to the lower grades of elementary faculty Program

- Content Contents

No.1: One by One / We are Paired Bows / Circles and Squares - 'One in One' could be carried out before toddlers can perceive numbers This is the primary step in early childhood math. Toddlers who're properly educated in matching objects one by one can count well.

No.2: Separate each other / Big and Small / Find the principles - Criteria and traits to categorise objects discover out. Toddlers naturally be taught the basic concept of a set while making a bunch.

No.3: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 0, the transformation of the number 5 / Opening and closing / 6 to 10 - Through actions that concurrently promote visible, auditory, and tactile senses, it helps youngsters to naturally learn number ideas and understand the meaning of assorted numbers. Know all / How many times? / Divide and Gather - Learn to mix two numbers to make 10 and divide 10 into two numbers so that you just can simply perceive and do addition and subtraction operations.

No.5: Many Less / Ten Tie them together / long and quick / sequentially in accordance with a rule - by counting the variety of objects in two sets or by matching them one by one to search out the difference between them, you can be taught the idea of quantity and quantity, how much more, how a lot much less.

No.6: Collect each other / Divide equally / From 11 to 20 / Right, left, prime, backside - Through actions to divide playing cards with numerous properties by form, then by shade and again by measurement It develops the power to classify objects by attribute.

No. 7: Wide, narrow, following order As the rules observe, study the concept of strange numbers - 'long and brief', after which 'extensive and narrow' You can simply understand the concept of quantity by increasing to the idea of space of ​​.

- Content shall be up to date later.

- Functional description of mathematics

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