Huang Huiyin-The Great Compassion Mantra MP3

Huang Huiyin-The Great Compassion Mantra MP3


The name of this mantra reveals the nice compassion and vow power of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, who wants to be happy and benefit all sentient beings, and that this mantra can't solely eliminate all disasters, in addition to all types of unhealthy karma, sickness, and struggling; Fulfilling the want; the mighty god Ted, who is much from all fears, and ascends quickly to the Buddha land. Today, it is referred to as the Great Compassion Mantra for brief, and it is named after Guanyin Bodhisattva's great compassion and vow of compassion for all sentient beings.

The Great Compassion Mantra

Nan Wu, Hu La Tan Na, Duo La Ye Ye. Nan Wu, Ah Ye, Po Lu Jie Di, Shuo Bo La Ye. Bodhisattva Po Ye. Mahasattva. Maha, Galuni Gaya. Om, Sa Bo La punishes drag. A few dan that dan write. Nan Wu, Xi Ji Li Tu, Yi Meng Ah Yi Ye. Po Lu Ji Di, Shi Buddha Luo Lang Tuo Po. Nan Wu, that La Jinchi. Filimaha, Boduosha. Sa Po Ata, Dou Shuupeng, A Shi pregnant, Sa Po Sa Duo, Na Mo Po Sa Duo, Na Mo Po Ka, Mo Fu Te Dou. His nephew. Om, grandma Lu Xi. Lugard. Caroline. Yixian. Mahabodhisattva, Sapo Sapo. Mo La Mo La, Mo Ji Mo Ji, Suo Tuo pregnant. Kulu Kulu, Jie Meng. Dulu Dulu, punish Jaya Emperor. Mahathir punished Emperor Jaya. Tuo La Tuo La. Dian Ni. Room Buddha. Cover up, cowl up. What do you punish? Mu Dili. Yi Yi Yi Yi. Room that room that. A Lashen, Buddha Relic. Punish sand and punish ginseng. Fowler. Hulu Hulu Mo. Hulu Hulu Lili. Suo, Suo, Xi Xi Xi Xi Xi. Su Yu Su Yu. Bodhi Night, Bodhi Night. Bodhisattva Night, Bodhisattva Night. Midi's night. Well, kindly. Risenina. Poymona. Suo Po He. Xi Tuo night. Suo Po He. Maha Xi Tuo Ye. Suo Po He. Xi Tuo Yuyi. Room Bo La Ye. Suo Po He. Well, kindly. Suo Po He. Mo La Na La. Suo Po He. Xi La Sang, Amu Ya, Suo Po He. Saha Maha, Axi Tuoye. Suo Po He. Those are Ji La, Axi Tuo Ye. Suo Po He. Potomo, Jie Xi Tuo Ye. Suo Po He. That La Jin Chi, Bo Jia La Ye. Suo Po He. Ma Bali, Sheng Jie La Ye. Suo Po He. Nan Wu, drink La Tan Na, Du La Ye Ye, Nan Wu, Acu Ye. Po Yuji Emperor. Shuo Bo La evening. Suo Po He. Om, I know the palace capital. So many. Baduoye, Suopohe.

Note: This model of the Great Compassion Mantra is taken from Youtube, for everyone to pay attention and study, and hope that the Dharma sound will unfold. If copyright is violated, please e-mail to inform. We will take it down as soon as potential. Thanksgiving.

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