Wolfson Talmud

Wolfson Talmud

By Torah Educational Software, Inc.

Wolfson TalmudWolfson TalmudWolfson TalmudWolfson TalmudWolfson Talmud

Hebrew English Interactive TALKING TALMUD!

Reads Explains - Perfect for Daf Yomi Study


Free Download – First 6 Blatt Free!


•The Talmud is narrated in Original Aramaic/Hebrew

•Every Word of the Talmud is Translated in English

•Each line is defined in Clear Concise English

•Talmud Page is Crisp - Classic Tzuras Hadaf

•Talmud textual content is highlighted during reading

•Easy Search Talmud, Rashi Tosefos

•Interactive Talmudic Dictionary

•Automatic Daf Yomi Calendar

•Easy Navigation

Endorsed by Rabbis:

Rabbi P. Scheinberg - Torah Ohr ZT’L

Rabbi Povarsky, Ponavitz - Shlita

Rabbi Rosenber, Slabodka - Shlita

Rabbi Eisemann, Ner Yisroel - Shlita

Rabbi Hirsch, Slabodka - Shlita

Translation and Elucidation by Rabbi Avrohom Kosman.

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