VIP electronics

VIP electronics


VIP electronicsVIP electronicsVIP electronics

VIP electronics is an indispensable software for every radio amateur. The software allows you to make all the mandatory calculations when creating digital circuits. It additionally contains a directory of digital components and a pinout of commonly used connectors.

Ham radio calculators:

• Ohm's legislation for direct current

• Definition of a resistor by colored strips

• Coding SMD resistor

• Selection of resistance from a standard range

• Calculation of wire resistance

• Parallel connection of resistors

• Voltage divider calculation

• LED resistor calculation

• Attenuator calculation

• LED strip parameters calculation

• Simplified calculation transformer

• Calculation of the overall energy of the transformer

• Calculation of chokes on Amidon rings

• Calculation of chokes on ferrite rings

• Calculation of chokes on MLT resistors

• Calculation of a single-layer coil

• Calculation of a coil on a printed circuit board

• Calculation of a multilayer coil

• Calculation of the inductance of a conical Tesla coil

• Calculation of the inductance of a flat Tesla coil

• Calculation of the inductance pr well wire

• Calculation of the resonant frequency of the circuit

• Calculation of the inductance of the LC circuit

• Calculation of the capacitance of the LC circuit

• Calculation of the pulse transformer

• Calculation of the heartbeat transformer

• Calculation of the impedance in series connection

• Calculation of the impedance in parallel connection

• Calculation of the quenching capacitor

• Calculation of the rectifier for the power supply

• Calculation of the output voltage of the differential amplifier

• Calculation of the gain of the amplifier on the op-amp

• Calculation for the LM317 / LM350 / LM338

• LM2576 calculation

• TL431 calculation

• 555 timer calculation

• TL494 frequency calculation

• IR2153 frequency calculation

• MC34063 calculation

• UCx84x UC1842 - UC3845 frequency calculation

• RR(CF)1211eu1 frequency calculation


• Calculation of the enhance converter

• Calculation of the ADC

• Converting dB to instances, dBm to W

• Calculation of grounding

• Calculation of the battery charging time

• Calculation of the present within the circuit pi

• Calculation of wire diameter for a fuse

• Calculation of cable weight

• Calculation of room illumination

Connector pinout:


• RS232/Serial



• Audio DIN connector

• Ethernet


• Display Port

• FireWire

• 30-pin Apple ipod/iphone connector

• Jack

• PS/2-AT

• Automotive OBD-II


• PC Connectors


• XLR and DMX

• VESA Connector

• Parallel ATA / EIDESerial ATA

• GPIB/IEEE-488 connector

• JTAG connector

• MIDI connector

• MIDI/GAME port

• Portable Digital MediaInterface (PDMI)

• RCA connector



• RG connector

• SD Card

• SIM Card

• LCD HD44780


• Arduino

• Raspberry Pi

• Trailer connectors

• Vehicle ISO connectors

Reference knowledge :

• Domestic diodes

• Imported diodes

• Imported Schottky diodes

• Imported diode bridges

• Domestic varicaps

• Imported varicaps

• Domestic zener diodes

• Imported zener diodes

• Domestic thyristors

• Imported thyristors

• Imported triacs

• Sizes of SMD components

• Series of resistor ratings

• Table of ratio of energy and current of an electrical motor

• Table of resistances of some thermal resistances

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