Sight Singing Pro

Sight Singing Pro

By Satoru Fukushima

Sight Singing ProSight Singing ProSight Singing ProSight Singing ProSight Singing Pro

This app is for training on 'sight singing', the ability to learn and sing music on sight. It will measure the pitch you sing for every notice and provide suggestions to find a way to know if that pitch is appropriate or not.

=== Main Feature List (including the functionality out there with subscription) ===

* Measuring the pitch you sing for every note and offering suggestions so that you simply can know if that pitch is appropriate or not.

* Recording your song and playing back with correct melody.

* Report part to show your performance report.

* Providing the 'Drill' mode the place you'll find a way to precisely configure what sorts of notes will seem within the music score. Also, the transpose operate is on the market with it.

* Selecting clefs from treble, bass, alto, and tenor.

* Selecting a degree of score difficulty from Intro I, Intro II, Easy, Moderate, and Difficult.

* Choosing the kind of notes and rests that seem within the music score.

* Supports for ties, dotted notes, and triplets.

* Setting the leap.

* Selecting time signature from 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 3/8, 6/8, and 9/8.

* Selecting a key from twelve major and twelve minor keys.

* Setting the number of bars.

* Changing the tempo.

* Displaying syllables in fixed-do, moveable-do, or letter identify. (Also, a double-tap on the music score will hide/show them easily.)

* Supports more octave choices.

* Scale apply mode.

* Storing music sheets you tried so that they can be reviewed later.

* Achievement Tests with 1500 highly selected musical sheets.

=== How to Use ===

1. Press 'Tonic' to verify the tonic of the music score.

2. Scroll through the rating to get the picture of an entire song.

3. Press 'Start' and begin singing along with the rating.

4. The color of a note will change to green when the pitch you sing is correct. A pink note will be displayed when your pitch is off.

5. Push 'Play' to listen to the song within the right pitch.

=== FAQ ===

Q. The app doesn't seem to provide right suggestions.

A. There could be a number of attainable factors inflicting it. Please examine the following issues first:

1) Even if you sing the correct pitch, if its timing is not fairly right, the suggestions shall be affected. We suggest to try using a headset or earphones so that you simply can hear the metronome sound as background while you are singing.

2) The suggestions might be affected by ambient noise. We recommend to use the app in a quiet room.


Special Thanks to:

- Kaori Engler (for German translation)

- Kaya Yuki (for Simplified Chinese translation)


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