Preschool Learning Games Kids with Abby Monkey

Preschool Learning Games Kids with Abby Monkey


Preschool Learning Games Kids with Abby MonkeyPreschool Learning Games Kids with Abby MonkeyPreschool Learning Games Kids with Abby MonkeyPreschool Learning Games Kids with Abby MonkeyPreschool Learning Games Kids with Abby Monkey

★★★★★ Preschool All-In-One studying video games for youths Abby Basic Skills - Parents’ Choice Award winner!

★★★★★ APProved by Famigo. Famigo APProved program “recognizes developers who create pleasant, family-friendly apps which have passed through a rigorous evaluation course of with flying stars (literally)” (

★★★★★ “Completely kid oriented; no complicating menus to navigate, brilliant colours, enjoyable characters, and prizes make this app extremely simple to make use of and engaging for younger children. The variety helps to keep my three-year-old engrossed” (

★★★★★ “Like most parents, I know that multitasking is a must, not simply an option. That’s why I love kids’ apps that contact on tons of educational topics and do it in type. The new Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is just such an app . . . Plainly, the tykes in my crew liked this app. Abby – Basic Skills Preschool app is a homerun” (


Preschool All-In-One learning games: Letters, Counting, Puzzles, Sizes, Shadows, Matching, Colors, Shapes, Differences, Patterns and extra -- you're on the best address!


Abby's Basic Skills software is a brand new software from a collection developed by a group of academic experts from 22learn designed to finest put together your kids for success in kindergarten curriculum. Its simple child-friendly interface presents children an attractive method to master important preschool abilities in the whole of 12 (!) DIFFERENT EXCITING EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES (ten instructional actions two artistic activities). We sincerely hope your youngsters will take pleasure in them all!

The ENTHUSIASTIC MONKEY CHARACTER goes to information youngsters by way of the whole game. As a reward after each spherical, youngsters obtain the chance to turn into artistic artists and CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE TRAIN, or acquire STICKERS TO SHOW OFF ON THEIR BOARD!


Educational Areas Covered


➊ LETTERS (full version only)

Tap on the word that starts with the letter that was pronounced! Great for teaching kids to understand the connection of letters to phrases, understand the position of the first letter, and practise matching the names of letters to their symbolic notation!

➋ COUNTING (full version only)

Count the toys! Hearing the counting pronounced helps kids to higher remember the order of the numerals as properly as get used to the counting process. Way to learn how to count!

➌ SIZES (full version only)

Trains understanding of the comparative nature of ideas of massive, small and the same!

➍ PUZZLES (full version only)

Fix the damaged toy! Enables your kids to train fantastic motor abilities and enhance their logical thinking.


Drag the item to its silhouette!

➏ MATCHING (full version only)

Match the toys! Serves to coach children's reminiscence and understanding of the concept of the sameness.

➐ COLORS (full version only)

Find the toy in a given color! Great each for kids only starting to study and those who need additional practice.

➑ SHAPES (full version only)

Find the right shape! Teaches kids recognition of names of frequent shapes (such as a sq., rectangle, triangle and more).


Gives children practice within the space of common patterns recognition.

➓ SAME AND DIFFERENT (full model only)

Tests the power of evaluating footage and finding variations. Select the different toy amongst several others or find the same toy as the displayed one.


We hope that your children will enjoy the application the identical way our little beta-testers did. Thank you on your purchase!

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