Immersion Revolution (Timer)

Immersion Revolution (Timer)

By 젠틀몽 (Gentle Monkey)

Immersion Revolution (Timer)Immersion Revolution (Timer)

Would you believe if you don't get drained even after all day lengthy task/study?

If you care sufficient for it to be true, I strongly recommend you to maintain on reading by way of.

If any of those beneath is you

- I want to prepare an examination for all day lengthy and for a protracted interval.

- I wish to watch anime/tvshow for a break once in a while while studying, but I'm nervous for getting distracted.

- I use laptop for my work/project alot and I am suffering from VDT syndrome.

- My concentration is so robust that I get exhaused so much in the long run.

- My focus is so weak that I do not get to get issues done.

- I want to develop a style of studying/reading.

- I actually have a baby who just isn't thinking about study at all.

I must recommend this app 『Immersion Revolution』 for you.

It helps you to obtain your objective with 15 minutes immersion and 5 minutes break.

The cause why it's quarter-hour immersion is that it is the longest time you can use your concentration, not harming your resilience of focus.

The reason why it's 5 minutes break is that it's the shortest time you have to get well your self for the next immersion.

A robust point of this app is that 『Immersion Revolution』 does not allow you to get exhausted, even when you work/study all day long.

My expertise - I, once, did 30 rounds for my private venture. Surprisingly, however you might need observed, I was still lively after the labor, but extra surprisingly, most of you might not have guessed, I watched 10 episodes of an anime, only thanks to 5 minutes breaks. 5 minutes break sounds quick but is not shorter than you suppose. :)

『Immersion Revolution』 Usage Guideline

● 3 ~ 9 rounds (e.g. growing a style of reading/studying)

● 15~18 rounds (e.g. doing school project)

● 21~30 rounds (e.g. examination period/programming)

● 30~52 rounds (e.g. exam cram)

Simple Formula

With 3 rounds you spend 1 hour.

With 4 rounds you focus 1 complete hour.

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