ForgetMeNot - Flashcards

ForgetMeNot - Flashcards

By Odnovolov Artem

ForgetMeNot - FlashcardsForgetMeNot - FlashcardsForgetMeNot - FlashcardsForgetMeNot - FlashcardsForgetMeNot - Flashcards

ForgetMeNot is an app for memorizing information by way of flashcards. Simplicity, usability, pace have been taken into account in the process of developing this academic program. This app supplies glorious conditions for achieving excessive effectivity of memorization.

The options which are supported are:

• Import/export of recordsdata.

• Support CSV, Tab textual content or some other sort of Delimiter-Separated Values.

• Intervals (Spaced repetition). You can specified your individual interval scheme for every deck.

• Several check strategies. There are 'Self testing', 'Testing with variants', 'Spell verify'.

• Pronunciation of the textual content by way of TTS. You can choose languages for questions and solutions, allow autospeaking of them.

• Hiding the textual content of a query to stimulate enchancment of listening expertise that may be very helpful in foreign language studying.

• Card inversion.

• Hints in the form of masking letters.

• 'Motivational timer' that will make you concentrate in your studies (optionally).

• Saving settings of deck as presets and reusing them to find a way to keep away from routine work on settings.

• Editing and searching cards proper in the train.

• 'Walking mode' that allows you do the exercise with out looking on the display.

• 'Autoplaying mode'. In this mode questions and answers are pronounced sequentially. You can combine your personal activities and repetition of teaching materials.

• Catalog of pre-made decks. The catalog incorporates many decks for language learning, which incorporates primary sets of phrases, thematic phrases and phrases, whole sentences.

• Grouping decks into separate lists.

• Customizing the card look.

• Dark theme.

What makes ForgetMeNot so environment friendly for memorizing:

- No quantity of promoting. You can handle plenty of playing cards in a quick time because of the simplicity and comfort of the person interface. Nothing prevents you from learning.

- The train is designed in order that you should ultimately grasp the answer. If your answer is mistaken, the cardboard is postponed to the tip of the record until you reply correct.

- Intervals (Spaced repetition). Spaced repetition reduces the forgetting that happens when materials isn't encountered for a big time period. It also involves actively recalling realized material, which supports studying.

- Possibility to edit a card simply in the exercise. This permits you not only to correct mistakes, but in addition to rebuild playing cards if they are tough to recollect. For instance, you can add an additional affiliation in parentheses.

- Voice accompaniment. This is very helpful when learning languages because it improves listening abilities, helps to concentrate on studying and favors memorization. You can even arrange a deck to understand a query exceptionally by ear.

- Modes that let you practice not solely in your free time. 'Walking mode' permits you do the train throughout strolling. 'Autoplaying mode' allows you to listen to questions and answers when your arms and eyes are busy, however your ears are free : )

- Focusing aids. 'Motivational timer' reminds you if you've lost your attention. Full display mode hides the status bar, which might be an extra supply of distraction.

ForgetMeNot is free and open-source software.