Biblical studies

Biblical studies

By La Biblia tiene razon

Biblical studiesBiblical studiesBiblical studiesBiblical studiesBiblical studiesBiblical studiesBiblical studies

Complete collection of Bible research Biblical Research Guide: At the ft of Jesus arranged thematically.

Each topic has a Review Questionnaire with qualification, which can additionally be obtained within the student's email.

In addition, as a bonus, matters on family, youth and well being.

It is very important, for a better understanding of all of the subjects, to hold them out consecutively. As it occurs with faculty, first you learn to add and then to multiply, so these guides are also progressive and it occurs that to grasp more advanced matters, you want to have clear basic concepts beforehand.

Having accomplished all the sequence, you'll obtain a certificates of research.

The topics that make up this sequence are:


• Rich with out knowing it

• Is it possible to know the future?

• What is the purpose for so much suffering?

• Four steps to enjoy inside peace and live happily

• How to complement our personality

• The finest resolution for my worries and problems

• Who will dominate the world within the future?

• Why of the current situation within the world

• The greatest event of the third millennium


• The secret of the ark of gold

• A program of life that provides safety and peace

• Ten minus one equals zero

• Mirror and shadow

• The best assist to overcome stress

• The most disastrous forgery in history

• The two dimensions of love

• Is there life after death?

• Divine recipe towards mysterious forces

• The apocalypse and the fate of our planet

• A panorama of a better world


• Does the antichrist already exist? ?

• The fascinating prophecy of the 2300 years

• My protection before the supreme court

• Why are there so many religions?

• The number 666 and the United States in prophecy

• The most necessary day of life

• How to identify a true prophet?

• Seven keys to a wholesome life

• How to unravel my financial problems

• The real beauty

• The secret of victory

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For a greater understanding of all of the topics, you will need to complete these subjects in a cumulative format. Just as in school, you first learn to add and then to multiply, so too these guides are progressive. To have the power to perceive more advanced subjects, you have to clearly unde...