CaQ Arithmetic Premium

CaQ Arithmetic Premium

By M&M Breuking

CaQ Arithmetic PremiumCaQ Arithmetic PremiumCaQ Arithmetic PremiumCaQ Arithmetic PremiumCaQ Arithmetic Premium

The full version of the Correct and Quick Arithmetic Premium app is available particularly for families and schools. The app is free of promoting.

You can share purchased apps from Google Play with as a lot as 5 members of the family utilizing Google Play Family Library.

Correct and Quick Arithmetic Premium does exactly what the identify predicts.

First practice the basic calculations, and then speed it up.

This app was developed for everybody who wish to practice and preserve the essential processes of arithmetic.

In this app you will find exercises with number bonds 1 to 10, addition and subtraction sums as much as a hundred, and the multiplication and division tables as much as and together with 10. These are the foundations needed for arithmetic.

The ultimate goal is to have dedicated to memory the answers to number bonds 1 to 10, addition and subtraction sums up to 20, and the tables via 10 (within 2 seconds). For sums as much as one hundred, the greatest way to work them out is automated.

The structure of the levels of psychological arithmetic within the app:

Number bonds 1 to 10

Addition and Subtraction to 10

Addition and Subtraction to 20

Addition and Subtraction to 100

Multiplications tables from 0 to 5 and 10

Multiplications tables from 6 to 9

Division Tables from 1 to 5 and 10

Division Tables from 6 to 9

First begin to apply with out timing your self.

In follow mode (X), the correct answer appears after a incorrect reply. Wrongly answered sums are at all times repeated.

Only when this goes properly will you be in a position to begin coaching at pace.

So first CORRECT and solely then QUICK!

Stick to the working order of the sums in the app!

Practise the number bonds and the sums up to 10 till you can do them all well, and most significantly, fast. These are crucial sums in psychological arithmetic!!

Button: Levels - My selection

You can use the My Selection button to choose the combo of levels you want to practise.

After a sequence of sums, a smiley will present what quantity of you bought right and how many wrong. The more sums you get proper, the happier the smiley is!

Ultimately, the reward is realizing just how good it is to have the ability to do these calculations quickly and accurately.

You'll find that the arithmetic that comes later may even go better and extra rapidly because of it.

Correct and Quick Arithmetic Premium is an indispensable instrument, dependent on any method, for studying psychological arithmetic!

Have fun, and good luck with Correct and Quick Arithmetic Premium!

MM Breuking

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