Advanced Abbreviations Dictionary Offline

Advanced Abbreviations Dictionary Offline

By FreeSharpApps

Advanced Abbreviations Dictionary OfflineAdvanced Abbreviations Dictionary OfflineAdvanced Abbreviations Dictionary OfflineAdvanced Abbreviations Dictionary Offline

This is offline Dictionary of Abbreviations, includes over 400,000 abbreviations and acronyms in alphabetical and numerical order, Abbreviations dictionary consist of 285 classes including the world's Accounting, Aircraft, Animals, Anthropology, Awards, Banking, Bible, Biology, Biotech, Blogs, Business, Career, Certificates, Charity, Chat, Chemistry, Churches, Cities, Clubs, Colleges, Colors, Commerce, Community, Computing, Conservation, Countries, Culture, Degrees, Development, Drugs, Educational, Electronics, Employment, Energy, Engineering, English, Environmental, Farm, Fashion, Firms, Food, Forums, Funds, Funnies, Gaming, Genealogy, General, General Business, General computing, Geography, Geology, Governmental, Greek, Guilds, Hardware, History, Hobbies, International, Internet, Java, Journals, Law, Legislation, Libraries, Logistics, Management, Marketing, Media, Medical, Meteorology, Military, Miscellaneous, Months Abbreviations, Museums, Music, NASA, Networking, Nicknames, Nonprofit, Nursing, Symbols, Organizations, Patents, Pharmacy, Photography, Physics, Physiology, Planning, Politics, Products, Psychiatry, Psychology, Regional, Rehabilitation, Religion, Research, Robotics. Salutations, Schools, Science, Security, Societies, Sociology, Software, Statistics, Stock Exchange, Students, Surgical, Tax, Technology, Telecom, Trade, Transplantation, Transportation, Travel, TV, Twitter, UN, Unit Measures, Universities, Unix, Urology, US Govt, Vaccine, Waste, Websites, Working Groups, Youth, and Zoology associated phrases. abbreviations are a shortened or contracted form of a word or phrase, used to characterize the entire, as Dr. for Doctor.


✔️ Searchable Word Option.

✔️ More then 280 classes included.

✔️ More than 400,000 Abbreviations.

✔️ Maintaining your save words.

✔️ Very easy and is consumer pleasant.

✔️ Easily Share, Copy Words or Definition.

It’s the Best Offline Abbreviations Dictionary app for school students, lecturers, professionals, vacationers, learners, Kids, girls and boys, enterprise mans, gamers.


• Abbreviations Dictionary app is a free and have some minor ads, so you will not need to worry about that.

• The Dictionary App is already in growth part. In case of any problem, please contact and send us an e-mail and evaluation briefly with the issue.


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