Adkaar - Saheeh Hisnul Muslim

Adkaar - Saheeh Hisnul Muslim

By Al Islah Web Media

Adkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul MuslimAdkaar - Saheeh Hisnul Muslim

Android software primarily based on the world famend supplications guide, Hisnul Muslim (Remembrance and Supplication from the Quran and Sunnah) by Sheikh Sa'eed bin Ali bin Wahf al-Qahtani and its Malayalam Translation by Abu Abdillah, Jeddah


i) Translation of Duas in Malayalam to know its implication.

ii) Transliteration alternative helps person in knowing appropriate means of articulating supplications in Arabic.

iii) Recitation for every dua can also be given in software which is able to help the users to recite a Dua or Dhikr accurately.

iv) Search characteristic allows the person to find out Duas that includes that specific term.

iv) 9 primary Dua Categories meant for achievement in several instances can be found:

Daily Prayers: Contains daily supplications from waking up to sleeping.

Salah: Contains Duas for Wudu, Hearing Adhan, Entering Masjid and so on.

Fasting/Ramadan: Dua after forgetting Fast, household inviting for breaking fast etc.

Hajj/Umrah: Daus for Mount Safa and Mount Marwah, on the Day of Arafa etc.

Nature: When wind blows, During and after rain and withholding of Rain and so on.

Human: Dua when you're indignant, joyful etc.

Situations: Duas to be recited in several situations like Funeral/grave, Group of individuals and so forth.

Sihr/Protection: Duas for protection, in opposition to distractions of Satan and so forth.

Forgiveness: Asking for Allah's Forgiveness (Astaghfar), Replying Salam of non Muslim and so forth.

v) Beautiful presentation with eye soothing graphics.

vi) Favorites choice lets particular person to mark its most most well-liked Duas for frequent usage

vii) Font Size may be adjusted based on preference.

viii) Share choice lets one to distribute the duas and this lovely app with loved ones.

Download this free and straightforward to make use of Islamic Application on Smartphone so as to profit from Daily Duas in your life.

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