Learn English with the KK sound mark!

Learn English with the KK sound mark!

By Otek International Inc.

Learn English with the KK sound mark!Learn English with the KK sound mark!Learn English with the KK sound mark!Learn English with the KK sound mark!Learn English with the KK sound mark!

An app revealed by Transwhiz that English learners ought to undoubtedly use!

KK sound mark phonics, a savvy studying method!

For beginners and learners who aren't good at English, you can clarify easy-to-understand KK notes from scratch, be taught sensible words, and learn how to learn from English spelling directly by combining with the phonics method. enhance. Let's purchase the power of you probably can understand and skim by looking. The recorded words are seven hundred phrases, which also improves vocabulary.

◎ Improve the ability to discriminate by contrasting approximate sounds

In every course, no much less than two approximate sounds are recorded. Let the learner perceive the distinction and acquire the flexibility to discriminate.

◎ Analyzing the pronunciation technique with drawings and simply greedy the tips of pronunciation

Pronunciation methodology: Explain the parts used for pronunciation in an easy-to-understand method.

Side view: Shows the place of the tongue.

Mouth diagram: Shows the shape of the lips.

Pronunciation suggestions: Add notes and easy-to-associate explanations.

◎ Detailed clarification of the position the place the phonetic characters seem

Even if the same phonetic characters are used, they may be pronounced in a different way at totally different positions. Also, certain phonetic characters might not appear at a particular position (beginning or flexion). I will summarize and introduce these guidelines.

◎ Word examples are practical

All the phrases used within the word examples are often used and comprise sensible phrases. A total of seven hundred words and drawing explanations shall be added to make it simpler to grasp. It improves not only pronunciation but in addition vocabulary.

◎ Learning to improve

Special instance: Let's introduce a special spelling example and enhance additional.

Word and example sentence apply: Use phonograms to follow with more words and example sentences.

Verse apply: Read the verse aloud and practice pronunciation.

Pronunciation guidelines: All pronunciation rules and ideas, similar to accents, sandhis, and tones, are recorded together.

◎ Exercise Listening and Speaking

In the content material, 8 courses can take a look at the learner's listening and talking abilities. Acquire stronger dialog capacity whereas figuring out your individual capability.

◎ Recording the voice of a local English trainer in the United States

Recording the pronunciation voice of a native English teacher. Learn extra native pronunciation.

If you have any problems or feedback about utilizing it, please contact us at this email [email protected]

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