Teaching the stations of the Noble Qur’an

Teaching the stations of the Noble Qur’an

By Mahdi Hammood

Teaching the stations of the Noble Qur’anTeaching the stations of the Noble Qur’anTeaching the stations of the Noble Qur’anTeaching the stations of the Noble Qur’anTeaching the stations of the Noble Qur’an

Quranic Maqamat consists of seven main maqams grouped into the phrase “made with magic” and some of them add the letter “kaf” which represents the maqam of the Kurds, so it becomes “Made with your magic” and thus becomes eight maqams

The sad symbolizes youth and nun for the sighs, the attention for the non-Arabs, the ba’ for the bayat and the sina for the sika. The Ha’ for the Hijaz, the Ra’ for the Rast and the Kaf for the Kurd.

There are examples and keys for every maqam, and sensible classes are available for every of them.

The program offers with:

-The Three Stages of the Maqam

-The Four Melodic Recitations

-Reading when it comes to speed

-Theoretical classes on the Seven Maqamat

-Practical lessons on the Seven Maqamat

-General details about the Maqamat

- It offers a sensible explanation of three strategies: the primary is general workouts, and the second is detailed exercises on the tactic of Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samad, could God have mercy on him, the place every maqam is defined by the diploma of determination, the reply, and the reply to the reply from Surat Al-Fatihah with the rhythm of every Degree and there are examples for every diploma and station, and there's also a piece explaining the combination of some of the Maqamat together on the best way of the Sheikh, could God have mercy on him. The program explains in a sensible method the maqam in recitation according to the tactic of Abdul Basit Abdul Samad. The program additionally explains the sub-maqams of the maqam of al-Bayat, al-Sabbah, al-Hijaz, al-Rast, al-Sikah, al-Ajam and al-Nahawand.

- There is a new third part dealing with the tactic of Sheikh al-Minshawi. Each maqam has the voice of the sheikh and plenty of examples of the primary maqams, and there is additionally a section specialised in the technique of Sheikh Muhammad Siddiq al-Minshawi in recitation according to every of the seven maqams, and plenty of examples are all within the voice of Sheikh al-Minshawi.


God prepared, many lessons and examples might be added, and the Shahat method will also be added soon

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