My Uzmobile (Uzbekistan)

My Uzmobile (Uzbekistan)

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My Uzmobile (Uzbekistan)My Uzmobile (Uzbekistan)My Uzmobile (Uzbekistan)

Not certain the place your cash is going?

Are you having hassle shopping for Internet packages?

Need information about service prices and tariffs?

Uzmobile info Mobile software After installation, you'll get answers to all your questions concerning the national cellular operator of Uzbekistan Uzmobile and will have the following opportunities:

✭ Information about your expenses

✭ Internet , activation of sms and voice packages

✭ Balance check, listing of all of your numbers and linked services

✭ Prohibit all promoting notifications

✭ Services management: You have been known as

✭ Information about tariff plans

✭ Change of tariff plan

✭ Check the the rest of the Internet package deal

✭ Call Customer Support

✭ All USSD Codes you want

✭ News

The program works in Russian and Uzbek languages.

This software is created by the official vendor of Uzmobile. Control your expenses?

Don't you understand where your money is?

Can't you buy web packages?

Don't have details about the worth of services and tariffs?

Install this utility and get answers to all questions and the following options:

✭ information about your expenses

✭ Internet activation, sms and voice packages

✭ check stability, record of all of your numbers and connected companies

✭ ban all promoting messages

✭ service management: Vam Zvonili

✭ details about tariff plans / p>

✭ change of tariff plan

✭ verify the the rest of the internet bundle

✭ name to help the corporate Uzmobile

☝️ The utility works in Russian and Uzbek yazykax.

This is an application of ofitsialnogo kommercheskogo dillera Uzmobile.

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