DroidSSTV - SSTV for Ham Radio

DroidSSTV - SSTV for Ham Radio

By Wolphi LLC

DroidSSTV - SSTV for Ham RadioDroidSSTV - SSTV for Ham Radio

DroidSSTV allows you to transmit and obtain newbie radio (ham radio) gradual scan TV (SSTV) on your Android Smartphone or Android tablet. This communications app is a good tool for moveable novice radio SSTV operation. Just join your Android cellphone or tablet to an HF radio (or even set it subsequent to the radio’s speaker), tune on to an SSTV frequency, and watch the photographs scroll onto the display screen. DroidSSTV supports the ham radio modes Scottie 1, Scottie 2, Scottie DX, Martin 1, and Martin 2 right now.

The options in the receiving modes include:

- Spectrum analyzer for easy tuning

- Auto synchronization ( auto slant correction)

- Auto mode detect

- VIS encoding (detects SSTV header and sets mode automatically)

- Level bar for adjusting the audio signal

- Auto save acquired footage to SD Card.

- Share obtained footage (Email , Dropbox and so forth.)

The features within the transmitting modes embody:

- Pre-load up to 9 photos from the SD Card into DroidSSTV’s gallery

- Adjust distinction, brightness and saturation

- Template editor for easily overlaying templates over images

- Macro’s for use with templates

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