CoreIRC Go

CoreIRC Go

By Aureolin

CoreIRC GoCoreIRC GoCoreIRC GoCoreIRC Go

Basic features

Secure IRC connections

Connect to several Internet Relay Chat (IRC) networks over SSL for encryption and added safety.

IRCv3 SASL and NickServ authentication

Authenticate to configured servers with SASL PLAIN, SASL EXTERNAL or SASL SCRAM-SHA-256, or simply using plain old NickServ.

Client-to-client protocol

Support for frequent CTCP messages: ACTION, CLIENTINFO, DCC, FINGER, PING, TIME, and VERSION.

Modern design for Android

Designed following the newest Material design rules for the most effective consumer expertise potential.

Pro Features

Purchase the complete model from and achieve entry to the following options.

Auto Commands. Automatically send commands to a server upon successfully establishing a connection.

DCC File Transfers. Download all file sorts on to your system or SD card storage.

Robust Notification System. Never miss a message by establishing custom notification guidelines.

Fun Extras including a System Information script and a Now Playing script.

Other features

• Background connectivity utilizing Android services

• Command autocomplete

• Channel list

• Character sets

• Chat logging with on-demand log file creation

• Chat message storage

• Ignore lists

• IRC v3 CAP 302, cap-notify, message-tags, setname

• IRC v3.1 account-notify, away-notify, extended-join, multi-prefix

• IRC v3.2 account-tag, batch, chghost, echo-message, invite-notify, labeled-response, Monitor, msgid, server-time, userhost-in-names

• IRC / mIRC colour support

• Network editor with multiple servers

• Nick autocomplete

• Proxy connection

• Raw commands utilizing /quote

• Timestamps

• UI themes

• and more

Do you have suggestions or function requests that you just'd prefer to share? Chat with us on #coreirc at, or go to in your internet browser.

You also can submit your problem or bug reviews and feature requests to

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